General Terms and Conditions (AGB)
Benefits Under the Insurance Company of Pikellimi GmbH
§ 1 The purpose of supporting the funeral expenses
1. Assistance and support of burial expenses is a institution of the Pikellimi GmbH company, organized in order to help members and their families and to bear the cost of carrying the deceased’s bodies.
§ 2 Preliminary membership requirements
Members may become those who have reached the age of 18.
The interested should be a permanent resident in the territory of Germany, the European Union (EU) or Switzerland and the European Economic Area (EEA).
§ 3 Admission
Acceptance at the institution is made upon request for application Form to the Pikellimi GmbH.
The application is accompanied by the necessary documents and the same must be sent to the company Pikellimi GmbH, Leipziger Str. 16a, 63584 Gründau. Only applications that are fully completed with personal data and equipped with all necessary documentation are accepted.
There is no legal claim for acceptance of the interested. Pikellimi GmbH reserves the right to refuse the interested without justification.
§ 4 Start of coverage
Coverage begins only when:
The certificate of coverage was sent by mail and the following conditions are fulfilled:
The acceptance fee according to §5 and the contributions of the year according to §6 are realized and the period of time has expired under § 4 No.3.
Expiration of 180 days after payment execution and confirmation;
In case the member dies in an accident after the payment, the expiration time is excluded according to §4 Nr. 3.
§ 5 The Fee/Tax
With the coverage acceptance, a fee (one-time acceptance fee) must be paid to Pikellimit GmbH, which is according to the following age: 18 – 29 / Price: 0,00 € Age: 30 – 49 / Price: 49,95 € Age: 50 – 59 / Price: 399.95 €
The admission fee should be made two weeks after the receipt of the invoice and proof for the coverage.
§ 6 Annual Contributions and Terms of Payment
Annual contributions are 89.95 Euros and payment must be made by each member timely and in advance. The annual contribution after the admission must be made two weeks after receipt of the invoice and proof of coverage. Thereafter every year, 3 days after the registration in the last month of the year.
Annual contributions are mainly made directly from the account of the member after authorization by the bank. If the bank refuses Pikellimi GmbH’s request, the member will take over the related costs incurred.
“Insurance” support is excluded if the member has delayed the payment more than 1 month.
§ 7 Beneficiaries from the insurance coverage
1. Persons covered by the “Insurance” are:
a. member and spouse;
b. children of a member who have not reached the age of 18;
c. children of a member who are student/s provided they have not yet reached the age of 27 or who are not married and/or do not have sufficient income; d. children with severe disabilities (50%) and who do not have sufficient income (without age restrictions);
e. the abovementioned persons lose the “insurance” support without any notice if they do not meet the conditions as in no. 1 a) to d) have the opportunity (e.g. after divorce or 18 years of age, etc.) to apply for full membership and coverage. In such situations the registration fee is excluded and it is required only the payment of annual contributions for the year to which it belongs.

§ 8 Support to the member
As soon as a member or his family, as stated in §7, informs Pikellimi GmbH of a death case, the “Insurance” orders an institution for the carriage of corps/s and involves the following services:
a. completion and implementation of all administrative matters;
b. preparation of the body according to the rules selected in the application c. safe transport to the place of burial d. The body is buried in accordance to the European standards;
The family of the deceased is not allowed to engage any other institution without consulting the Pikellimi GmbH. otherwise, Pikellimi GmbH will not take over the costs.
For those who are buried in the territory of the European Union, the EEA or Switzerland, the costs are fully covered up to 3.000 Euros.
If a member of Pikellimi GmbH lives in his homeland, his family members receive an amount of 500 Euros as financial aid.
Those who live outside the EU, EEA, or Switzerland depending on the family request, can be transferred by Pikellimi GmbH to EU countries, EEAs, or Switzerland. Expenditures covered in these cases are up to 3.000 Euros.
In case of an abortion (less than 500g) according to the laws of the country, covered burial expenses are up to 700 Euros.
Documents to be provided to the institution for the transport of corpses: Identification card (ID), passport, death certificate or death report, certificate of marriage (interim, otherwise translated in German) and insurance coverage certificate “Insurance certificate”. If the required documentation is not sent to Pikellimi GmbH in due time, the “insurance” does not cover the other expenses incured.
In the event of a failure of road traffic or other shipping that is not covered by “Insurance” (e.g. due to holidays, delay or failure of flights and corps transport entity), the company Pikellimi GmbH will not be liable to the member or family his.
§ 9 Obligation of member information
1. Each member is obliged to report in-depth information about his family members to Pikellimi GmbH, thoroughly and truthfully. Pikellimi GmbH is free of responsibility in case of lack of information and documents.
§ 10 Termination of the contract
The term of the contract is 5 years and can be extended plus one year if the contract is not terminated, in accordance to the following terms.
The insurance coverage contract is terminated by the resignation, expulsion or death of the member.
Each member may terminate the contract at the end of the year. The notice must be in writing and no later than 3 months before the end of the annual contract.
The coverage ends if the claims are considered in § 2 para 1-2 and the application is not submitted timely or are late.
A member may be exempted from Pikellimi GmbH, particularly when: a) violates the laws of the Pikellimi GmbH or any other country. B) Delays the annual contributions 3 months after the payment request.
Upon termination of the contract, all rights and obligations of the member of coverage shall be lost. In this case, the reimbursement of remittances is lost.
§ 11 Other Provisions
Only the application form and terms and conditions (AGB) are valid for the contract. Verbal agreements or other declarations are invalid.
If one or more provisions of this “insurance” contract are or become invalid, the validity of other contract provisions remains inviolable.

§ 12 Data Transfer, Law in power and Country’s Law
The Customer authorizes Pikellimi GmbH to use its personal data for respectful of the law. Transferring data for commercial or other reasons is not permitted to Pikellimi GmbH.
The legal relationship between the insured person and the Pikellimi GmbH company applies mainly to German laws.
The judicial office is in the Pikellimi GmbH region.