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About Us

Pikellimi GmbH is a German company founded in 2013 with headquarters in Gründau. It is part of the Pikellimi-Transportgruppe company, founded by one of the largest private Albanian investors and active in Europe since 1999. The Pikellimi GmbH specialization is the provision of death money respectively insurance in case of death for the families. Taking on the insurance in case of death allows the death of a family member to not become a financial difficulty for those who are left behind. Burial expenses, taxes, announcements, etc., cause multiple expenses, which together with the heavy emotional burden of the living, become a major challenge if the insurance was not completed in time. That’s exactly what Pikellimi GmbH wants to prevent. In addition to securing death money, Pikellimi GmbH also undertakes funeral organization and all formalities, which for the living means extra relief and leaves more time to focus on more important things.

Pikellimi GmbH in its activity focuses on a fast and simple client-oriented service. Our clients rely on us, as our services are an affordable, transparent and inclusive offer. We provide our clients with comprehensive financial and organizational support, fulfilling all formalities and providing the right support. This minimizes the additional burden on the living and guarantees them support in case of death.

At Pikellimi GmbH we take care of all the little things and face all the unexpected situations. If something changes in your family, for example: it continues to grow or if it wants something in the burial detail to change, all adjustments can be implemented easily and without any effort. Children are insured free of charge. Contributions are affordable: For just 89.95 * Euro per year, you and all your family members are covered. No health check is required, which is a great advantage for older people. In addition, Pikellimi GmbH assumes the transfer of the deceased from within Europe to its home country. With Pikellimi GmbH you do not have to worry anymore, and this should be especially appreciated in difficult times.

Advantages of insurance in the event of Death, at Pikellimi GmbH are apparent. Detailed Inclusion:

  • Low tariffs
  • Without health control
  • No waiting times
  • No admission fee **
  • Fixed execution and guaranteed results, however, there are options for customization!
  • Free childcare insurance
  • Without profit participation
  • Guaranteed assistance throughout the entire period
  • Life-long protection
  • International protection throughout Europe, including the transfer
  • Conduct all formalities as needed
  • Taking over all transportation and documentation costs

Even in the toughest moments, Pikellimi GmbH is with you. We may not be able to relieve your pain, but we support you in all possible ways. With Insurance in case of death you no longer need to worry. You have time to live and enjoy your life.

* One single payment for registration ** Depending on age

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